Winners, losers, and loners

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the US president is in the news a lot these days. You know the chap I mean; orange fella’…tiny hands…huge misogynist…you can’t miss him.

Many of us, for many different reasons, think that this man isn’t suitable to do the job. And since he got voted in back in November 2016 jokes have been cracked, and semi-serious logic has been followed, to argue that it might not be a bad thing if something…ahem…happened to him.

Something in a public place, involving a disturbed loner and a grassy knoll. But there shouldn’t be any need for that.

How many impeachable acts do you suppose the current US president has committed over the years? Even my very conservative guestimate leads me to an answer of ‘some’ impeachable acts.

There must be clever people out there with cleverer lawyers who’ll take the challenge on?

Talking of disturbed loners and grassy knolls, I stumbled across an interview recently with Clint Hill, the US secret service agent who flung himself across the back of the limousine to protect Jackie Kennedy following the assassination of JFK. He talked of the guilt he still feels about the fact that, after the first shot from Lee Harvey Oswald rang out, he wasn’t quick enough to dive in front of the subsequent shot that killed Kennedy.

That was his job. To dive, if needed, in front of a speeding bullet to protect the life of another person.

Well paid, no doubt, but still…

And an irony occurred to me.

Were a disturbed loner to find a grassy knoll in the general vicinity of the current US president on his next public appearance, there will be modern day Clint Hills, paid well to stop speeding bullets. I’m not sure whether these Clint Hills would make good politicians, but the strength of character that leads a man to risk his life in the service of someone else is exactly the quality you would want in a man wielding the power of a president.

And yet they’re the ones we’re paying to jump in front of speeding bullets. I wonder what Donald Trump, in his binary world of winners and losers, makes of them?

Clearly he’s the winner in this relationship.

Which is a dispiriting thought.




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